Z. Anto


Ally Mohamed Ahmad, aka Z. Anto, was born in Dar es Salaam in 1988. In 2004 he approached Tiptop Connection, local producers of upcoming bongo flava artists, to give him a chance to record. They asked him to freestyle there and then but he failed the audition. After a while he returned, having spent time at home composing the song 'Mpenzi Jini'. The track was recorded and became an instant hit all over the country.

He was then able to record a whole album, with eight tracks including 'Binti Kiziwi', 'Mapenzi Spesho', 'Diskovumbi', 'Imani Sina', 'Chakula Changu' and 'Chake Time'. The album continues to sell well throughout Tanzania and Kenya, especially along the coast where the lovers style of bongo flava is proving to be very popular among young men and women fans.

Z Anto has had to work hard in music, being from a poor family whom he has to take care of, especially since his father passed away. He thanks God for giving him a fine voice and skills as a musician. Z Anto has performed regularly over the past year throughout Tanzania and recently for the ODM election campaign in Kenya.


TZDar es Salaam, Tanzania


Z. Anto
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