Yoyo Tinz


yoyo tinz is a Accra based unique platform dedicated to documenting, promoting and archiving the hip hop culture in Ghana and beyond. The organisation was created in 2013 with the desire to shed light on a too often misunderstood movement/culture, through online platforms, organising events and empowering artists (advice, artists development).

Through their website and social media platforms, they encourage the culture, give artists visibility and critique the industry through talks and healthy debates. yoyo tinz aims to share all aspects of the diverse culture: graffiti, rap, dance, DJing, beatboxing, lifestyle and much more.

yoyo tinz also produces original video content which includes interviews, documentaries, live session. The organisation was awarded best tech start-up in 2016 (Pitch Me, Femua, Abidjan) and organised the first ever Ghanaian hip hop festival in Accra in 2018.

GHAccra, Ghana
In operation since: 


+233 303971787
yoyo tinz
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