Who is WorldPeace?
Tshiamo Pearl Sebate was born in Rustenburg but having to move shortly after with her family to Garankuwa, was raised in Pretoria.
Her talent and love for music started at the age of 8 when she joined the school choir and orchestra at her primary school. That is where she mastered how to play various musical instruments such as the recorder and piano. She also specialised as a second violinist.

She also learnt how to read theory music and composed her own, corresponding with UniSA until grade 3. This gave her the opportunity to travel around the Gauteng province. Later graduating out of UJ as an engineer, she is destined for great things. Her journey so far allowed her the honour of sharing a stage with SA top musicians such as Big Zulu, Blaklez, Bruno and Khonaye to mention a few. Her participation in varsity basketball cup finals in 2019 which took place at Wits and was broadcasted live on Supersport shows, her down to earth personality. Very outgoing and spirited, sitting in a room with her she makes you feel like she is just a normal person which again brings us to personality. In 2017 she was also featured on Mzanzi Music Mag on an online published article preceding the launch of her debut single Saucercup, which was released a year after. 2020 marks the release of her 11 track debut album "The Extraction" with her debut single Saucercup, second single Lately as the singles.
When asked what music means to her She responded:
" Music to me is what merges spiritually and the real world. These two life factors are What makes and drives humanity. They are interdependent on each cannot exist sufficiently and effectively without the other. Society's evolution is heavily influenced by music and the evidence of that is what's currently trending today. Ten years ago, music didn't have the same impact on people as it does now. That's how powerful it is."

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