Wiseman Qinani Ngubo


Wiseman Qinani Ngubo is an experienced intellectual property lawyer from Johannesburg, South Africa. He currently heads the the Legal and Business Affairs divisions for Africa's fastest growing collective management organisations, the Composers, Authors and Publishers Association.

Ngubo graduated with Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws degrees in 2009 and 2011 respectively. He also holds a PG Cert In Intellectual Property Law (2015).

As part of his role, he has been involved in ensuring the initiation and sustained growth of digital licensing on the continent. Through this involvement, Ngubo has obtained crucial technical expertise relating to the licensing and protection of copyright works on the digital environment. He has also developed a keen interest in various intellectual property education initiatives including partaking in multiple workshops and conferences across the continent.

Ngubo is also involved in various copyright lobbying efforts in South Africa aimed at ensuring the current copyright laws reform to protect the rights of creatives.

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