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Born Wallace Chirumiko on 1 February 1983 in Harare, Winky D showed a lively interest in music ever since his early childhood. He started competing in the Ghetto Lane Clashes against older contestants, and his victories in these contests earned him great respect amongst the fans, who gave him the nickname Winky D from Wicked Deejay.

With the help of Bartholomew Vera of BlackLab Records, Winky D went into the recording studio. His first songs, like 'Rasta' and 'Head Inna War', were dancefloor hits. Ever since then, Winky D has not turned back, releasing five albums to date, with many charts hits earning him fans across the world, leading to successful tours to the UK and South Africa. Winky D has become an icon for Zimbabwean urban/reggae music, earning nicknames like 'King of Dancehall', 'The Big Man', 'The Prophet', 'Mutumwa' and 'Truthsayer'. He is known for his inspirational and emotionally charged lyrics, the result of his ghetto schooling and his hunger for educating people.


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Rasta Medley


ZWHarare, Zimbabwe
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BlackLab Records
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