Uncle Rex


Widely referred to as the pioneer of jazz music in Zambia, Uncle Rex tops among the most talented guitarists Zambia has ever produced. The shy, down-to-earth, friendly and soft-spoken guitarist earned his experience in the early 1970s as a child and continues to mentor young upcoming musicians as well as build his brand to higher heights. There are indeed very few Zambian music artists who can boast of a career spanning almost four decades.

After many years of forming and playing for various bands, Uncle Rex embarked on a solo career in 2003. Due to his passion for grooming young people to play various music instruments, he earned the name “Uncle Rex” initially as an expression of respect by his protégés. This name has eventually become a respected brand over the years in the music industry locally but also internationally.

Uncle Rex has four albums under his name. ‘Fingerspeech’ was his debut in 2004, followed by ‘Coming Home’ two years later. His third, ‘This is Me’, came in 2010. In April 2013, Uncle Rex released his fourth album ‘Fellowship’ (2013). While ‘Fingerspeech’ was mixed in taste, ‘Coming Home’, as the title suggests, was about traditional and ethnic tunes from Zambia. On the other hand, ‘This is Me’ helped him to discover the depth of his skill and the potential that existed for him to soar even higher. In February 2015, he released a single called ‘Joana’. It was produced by acclaimed international producer of A-Planet Music.

Over the years, Uncle Rex has used his creativity to carve a brand of African jazz music which has won recognition on the continent and beyond.

ZMLusaka, Zambia


Uncle Rex
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