UNAM Radio


University of Namibia (UNAM) Radio 97.4 was established in 2000 as part of the institution’s mission to increase practical student involvement with the media. It is a community radio station that highlights UNAM activities.

The project is bent on encouraging students to grow their technical and presentation skills and produce a variety of ideas for the community, focusing on issues such as HIV/AIDS, teenage pregnancy, alcohol abuse and job creation.

It has the latest digital computer technology, consisting of a presentation suite with a wide variety of computer-based music and jingles, as well as mixing capacity for other sources including cassette and CD. In addition, guests can be accommodated for interview purposes and a system that accommodates telephone callers to be placed on air.
The production suite is furnished with four-channel digital editing for mixing purposes, and is used as a training facility for students specializing in broadcast production. Programmes that feature on UNAM Radio include requests and messages from UNAM campus community and special music features from local and international artists.

NAWindhoek, Namibia


UNAM Radio
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