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Based in Los Angeles, in the U.S., UCLA's Department of Ethnomusicology houses an outstanding collection of music instruments from various countries. Its collection has over 800 items consisting of instruments and ensemble sets from countries and ethnic groups in West and East Africa, North and South America, East, South-East and South Asia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. A permanent exhibit of seven cases of music instruments is located at the entrance of the Schoenberg Music Building, and the Javanese, Balinese, Thai, and West African ensembles on display in the Gamelan Room.

The department also has the World Music Instrument Collection. It also provides opportunities to community members, K-12 groups, and other visitors to learn about music traditions from around the world. Many instruments in the collection were acquired in the 1950s and early 1960s.

Visiting hours are by appointment from Monday to Friday.

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Ethnomusicology Archive
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