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Ugandan born, TShaka Mayanja is arguably Uganda’s leading reggae artist. With more than 500 songs born Winston Mayanja, TShaka has made his mark in Africa, as a reggae singer, songwriter, producer and promoter. Tshaka has done countless Radio and TV interviews in Africa, including interviews on Channel O.

In February 2012, TShaka was contracted to be a Judge for both the auditions and the finals of East Africa’s biggest Reality TV Music Talent Search; The Tusker Project Fame project. The TV show was to find talent across the three East African nations; Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. The 3months contest ended successfully, with a talented Ugandan female musician that TShaka had spotted at the auditions in Uganda, winning the contest by a huge vote’s margin.

In 2004, Mayanja released his album Dark Chocolate under Black Roots Unlimited, a group started by him. In 2006 he released Reggaegology: Bass After Dark, which contained 13 tracks.

Tshaka plays several instruments including bass guitar, piano, drums and percussions. His father Joash Mayanja Nkangi was the Minister of Finance & Economic Planning and Uganda's Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister for a long time.


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INSURGENCY-Gasuza feat Mugabe and Babaluku
UGKampala, Uganda
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Tshaka Mayanja
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