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He is one of the ugandan artist who started his music performance in 10/10/2015 in Juba South sudan in360media studio with Nakoowa his first song by ivan pro and then treacky by decided not to end there but he contuned going up and joined zion studio with the second song which he named yegwe munange a collabo with sweed man live by mj producer. A musician who called treacky bee is aperson who is very simple and can respect who ever respect him self, but too deficult tricky and dengerous to those who pretend to be intement friends yet not, treacky bee`s birth names are Mutono Bashiri HOME ADDRESS Mutono Bashiri is born in Bugiri district Muterere town councial by a man who called mr Isimeil Mutono Kadogo . Only that when he sterted his music, That was the end of parental love on the side of his father claiming that music or musicians are all in stanic worship but on his side he said no i must publisise my talent to fulfill my world enjoyment. NOTE More abut treacky bee contact him or +256759332487

UGKampala, Uganda
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treacky bee

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