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Born in 1981 in Omaruru, Namibia, Tre Van Die Kasie (real name Tretius Kauhangengo) is a kwaito signed to Mshasho Productions, a label owned by The Dogg. The rapper was raised by his mother in Omaruru and later moved to Windhoek, where he attended Ella du Plessis High School in Khomasdal. He is the half-brother of fellow kwaito musician, Kavax.

Tre enrolled at the University of Namibia, where he met The Dogg and Sunny Boy. The trio became friends and began writing songs while at college. In 2003, The Dogg dropped out to focus on music, but Tre remained committed to his studies. In 2005, Tre signed to Mshasho, marking the beginning of his performances with The Dogg and other artists from Mshasho Productions. The artist has made an appearance on The Dogg's albums such as ‘Introducing TeeDee’, ‘You Can't Ignore’, ‘This Is My Time’ and ‘The Power of 7’. He has also featured on Sunny Boy's ‘The Sleeping Giant’ and several songs by other musicians.

Tre later established himself as a solo artist in the Mshasho stable and began working on his own album. In 2008, he released his debut album ‘Bible and My Music, God and Me’ which he launched at Mshasho’s fifth anniversary in Zoo Park. The album was primarily produced by The Dogg and Elvo and featured Sunny Boy, OmPuff, Kavax, D-Sound, DJ Kboz, and Jewelz. A follow-up album album Straight From the Kasie, was due out in 2010.


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Tre Van Die kasie
Tre VDK - Got You
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Tretius Kauhangengo
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