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Visual branding refreshed
This is a branding business with a difference.
Committed to personal attention and open communication with clients, founded on more than a decade of image and design excellence, mixed in with digital marketing flare and a twist of corporate advertising know-how, Tonic Branding serves all who seek to identify or refresh their brand!

Dedicated professionals with a passion for visual brand stories, visual impact and client business growth, our Tonic trio of ingredients in the perfect branding cocktail are:

Brand Identity
Through Graphic design mastery, we create your logo and all accompanying matched visual material - to give your new or refreshed brand an unforgettable identity

Brand Building
We build your brand though targeted and measured marketing consultation - and grow your brand through consistent communication and constant analysis

Brand Imagery
Expert imagery of product shots, food, corporate events, professional portraits, facilities and more, are enhanced by the expert photographic skills of Tonic Branding founder Sanmari Marais

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