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Christopher Anton, also known as Tofa Boy, is a talented and versatile musician from Zanzibar, Tanzania.

A singer, songwriter and music composer, Tofa Boy has been working professionally for around ten years, establishing his sound with classical flute, guitar, ukulele, and harmonica. He is also now integrating saxophone and Bansuri bamboo flute into his compositions.

His sound is fresh and catchy, quite difficult to name a particular style, even if it often gets close to Afro Beats. Being quite distanced from traditional Zanzibari music or Tanzanian Bongo Fleva, he has coined two new musical styles: Pwani Classical includes most of his acoustic creations, and Mcharu Beat is more rhythmic and dancy, recalling the artist’s debut band Mcharuko.

Depending on what instrument he is playing he can range from storytelling lyrical tunes describing the life of an african village, as cheerful or cruel as it can get to melancholic flute melodies recalling a mix of arabic and indian aromas.

Through his songs Tofa Boy conveys his love for a simple village life and his commitment to speak up for the disadvantaged. Social injustice, racism, climate change awareness, and motivational change make his lyrics deep and meaningful, leaving the listener with something to think about. However his contagious smile, his vibrating energy and his rare talent make his performance unique and well remembered.

Tofa Boy performs regularly on numerous stages around Zanzibar and Tanzania, including Sauti za Busara in Zanzibar and Marafiki Festival in Dar es Salaam. In Europe he has performed in The Czech Republic and Italy on many occasions.


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