Tinariwen are poet-guitarists and soul rebels from the southern Sahara desert. Their music, Tamashek guitar or 'Assouf', expresses the aspirations of their people, the Kel Tamashek or 'Touareg' of the southern Sahara desert. The guitar is their weapon. Since the late 1990s the band has enjoyed widespread international attention, leading to frequent tours of Europe and the US. They are currently signed to California-based label Anti Records. Their album 'Tassili' (2011) won a Grammy for Best World Music. It was followed in 2014 by 'Emmaar', recorded in the USA.

The band members are: Ibrahim Ag Alhabib (aka 'Abaraybone'), Hassan Ag Touhami (aka 'Aharr', aka 'Abin Abin'), Abdallah Ag Alhousseyni (aka 'Catastrophe'), Eyadou Ag Leche, Said Ag Ayad, Abdallah Ag Lamida (aka 'Intidao'), Elaga Ag Hamid and Wonou Walet Sidati.




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