Tim Kabali


Tim is a bass player and song writer who has been doing music for over 20 years. He is not restricted in genre and takes from different influences. He is old school at heart, and is rooted to live instruments. Good music is good music, that's his motto.

Tim, born in Uganda on 14th April 1968, left for the republic of South Africa in 1989 in pursuit of studies after which he stayed on. After a Bachelor of Commerce in Business Management degree he got employed as a Cost Accountant with Nampak Cartons and Labels in East London South Africa.

He also branched to Lesotho on his way and formed a band named Spice in 1990.In South Africa he taught selected friends the essence of music and its instruments. Those with the natural flair picked up quickly. In quick time, they had a variety of songs they could play, perfected and so conjured a group, with time qualifying to do curtain raise gigs for established big bands. Their ascending popularity, landed for them an artist management deal, which Tim’s university work unfortunately brushed aside. He later formed the band Solid which he still occasionally plays with.

Tim’s marriage to the music was not accidental, but in the discipleship of his father Mr Kabali Kagwa Frob, an erstwhile tap dancer in his prime. With Tim’s famous uncle Wassanyi Serukenya (father to Paul and Ken Serukenya) they belonged to a strong choral ensemble of the 1970s and 1980s named Nyonza singers, a group that symbolised Ugandan culture, globally at the time. The group toured all over Uganda and went on to Europe and the United States in their hey days.

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Tim Kabali
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