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Tigist was born and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Her dream of being a musician and a singer came true when she had the chance to attend Yared Music school, where she graduated in piano and kraar. At that time she started performing at the prestigious National Theater. She also joined many of the best bands in Addis, singing in various clubs and theater halls.

Thanks to her participation in the Ethio-German project "Sounds of Saba" she spent some months in Europe, where she recorded an album with other artists and performed in different Festivals. In 2002 Tigist released her own first CD "Sakitaw" which gave her great satisfaction and popularity all over Ethiopia.

In 2004 Tigist was selected with three other African singers to represent Africa together with some Norwegian artists in a project sponsored by "Women Care" Norway. She married and moved to Italy in 2005. Tigist has been traveling with her music all around Ethiopia and in many countries, all over the world. She composes her songs and writes the words for them. During her last period spent with her family in Chicago, she has been working on her second album with a jazz band based in Washington DC. She currently lives in Rome.


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Tigist Bekele
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