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102.5 Tiger FM,is a Community Based Radio Station located at Nabweru Sub-county Headquarters on 1.5 Km off Bombo Rd. from Bwaise Trading Centre. This Community Radio,covers the Radius of 52sq.Km including the Districts of Wakiso, Kampala, Mukono ,some parts of Mpigi and Luwero.This radio is a type of radio service that offers a model of radio broadcasting beyond commercial and public service.

Tiger Fm plays a significant role at the grass roots level for rural development. For instance, issues of poverty, Agriculture, gender inequality, Education, social problems among others could be the focus for programming. In exploring the importance of sharing information locally and the opening up of wider information networks for farmers ,women and the youth. We also have a Tele-centre,though it's not fully equipped,for better access to information.

102.5 Tiger FM in this regard provides a set of participatory communication techniques that support Agricultural extension efforts by using local languages to communicate directly to the community using the Most Significant Change process.

102.5 Tiger Fm performs three main significant functions at the grass root level for rural development. - It promotes issues of agriculture, gender equality, education, trade and commerce, disaster, weather, natural calamities, poverty and social problems. - It enhances the capacities of local people to work together to tackle a range of social problems, including poverty and exclusion through radio. - It contributes to nurturing of the creative talents of the community and providing a forum for a diversity of opinions and information.

As Tiger Fm,we strongly believe that effective radio activities can make a significant change in a community’s life.

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Tiger FM
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