The Three Kings


The three kings are Young Nick, MSB and Krukid. This is an emerging East African force that we will have to be ready to see for a long time. MSB and Nick (brothers) had known about Krukid's skills and he too had listened to their work. Locally, they were all working under the same producer MMC of Chain Thought Reaxion, one of Uganda's leading underground Hip-hop beat masters. Most hip-hoppers that don't want their concepts softened by very commercialized beats by producers that are not real to the game mostly turn to MMC and that is what could have led the three kings to the Vokal Justice/Littlered studios.

Their first encounter at the studio saw them get into a free-style session and they all loved it. MMC had it all recorded and said that he's bring it out one day when they all became stars, looks like he wont have to wait that long.

Their first joint expedition into the Littlered vocal booths at Kyambogo for a serious recording session yielded Vako, a track that later went on to top charts in Nairobi and earned MSB and Nick a couple of interviews on Kenyan FM radios. Meanwhile, Krukid was back in Chicago stringing things together, curtain-raising for stars like Mystikal, winning rap competitions and securing record deals.

Krukid is a member of Urban Thugs who later became Urban Life. This was the group that first exposed he and his mates as formidable word-smiths. Many enthusiasts and critics that have been following the Ugandan underground Hip-hop scene say they, like Klear Kut, were one of the best rap groups that Uganda has braught forth this far. It's a pity they never stayed around long enough to help grow the Hip-hop movement. The Urban-Lifers are now severely 'diasporated' but hope they can hook up again some day and do it all again.

Nick and MSB on the other hand are very tight in both English and Swahili rapping. Hip-hop is becoming a big thing in East Africa and they are at breast with the regional game. Their first performance at The Foundation's Hip-hop nite at Sabrina's Pub last year was a head-turner as it became evident from their word play and delivery that they had a wealth of experience in the game. Back then, they were still the unsung heroes and looks like they are now in their right place.

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The Three Kings
Profile added by Stanley Gazemba on 12 Jun 2015