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Theresho Selesho is an audacious and imaginative creative entrepreneur who has operated at the intersection of creativity, commerce, and civil society for two decades. Driven by a passion for grow people, he continues to create shared value experiences for stakeholders across various industries on a global scale.
Theresho is sought out for his depth of insight and experience in the fields of live music, entertainment, experiential events, and advertising. Having worked and collaborated in these areas to create long-lasting impact, he has developed a dynamic and specialized set of skills within the industry.
His repertoire includes several key national events, stage productions and international cultural exchange programs which he produces and facilitates. He also executes strategies for global and local brands, using culture to connect with consumers and deliver equitable results.
Theresho holds several leadership positions, including Founder of SHO-SHO Communications and CEO of Matchbox Live, a South African entertainment business which owns OppiKoppi Festival, DRUMBeat Festival, Sonic cities Festival, Tshwanefontein and has produced Black Coffee’s Music Is King festivals and several other key music properties.
Additionally, he is a partner at the annual Hello Ambassador creative conference ( and serves on the French Institute of South Africa Culture Committee (IFAS) alongside other key cultural practitioners.
Theresho is also a co-owner of African Beer Emporium (ABE), a cultural hub in the heart of the city of Tshwane. ABE hosts several
music and cultural events which form part of an inner-city development program, driven by a network of local entrepreneurs and property developers.
Theresho is passionate about mentorship and hopes to ignite the imaginations of young people in Africa, unleashing their potential as he continues to bridge the gap between the creative industries and business platforms.

ZAPretoria, South Africa
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