Terror MC


Terror MC is a hip hop artist from South Africa
One of South Africa's most profound emcees not to mention arguably one of the hardest workers
to date, who is this individual? Well, he is better known as TERROR MC and this is a recap of
the future of SA Hip Hop.
KraaiFontein. Cape Town, South Africa 1985, born during a period of political turmoil this he would face various challenges before becoming known as the straight talking stage
tearing machine gun motor mouth we know him as today. He would experience death {and yes,
he actually died}and rebirth with after effects that would break even those amongst us of the
strongest willpower, this was due to a tragic accident which left him with severe swelling in the
cranial region and an imbalance on the left side of his body. Following this was a series of
frequent visits to juvenile detention centers and a brief stint in the country's nefarious Polsmoor
prison only to be found innocent on all charges, all this before the age of 17 how did he survive
this hell? It's simple, a hunger for knowledge, a keen sense for reading people, a sharp tongue
and an ever burning passion for Hip Hop.
Fresh out of the "rehabilitation network" and sufficed to say displeased with the state of affairs
and the futile struggle of the blue collar populace he reassumed his alter ego {by now widely
known thanks to the classic track "Kaapse Vlakte" Terror mc started his journey to the top of the
food chain in 2004. Armed with only a backpack, a few beats (instrumentals) he'd gotten from
fellow rapper and producer HIPE {Wayne Lee Robertson} he threw himself into a world where
it's every man for himself. In a short period terror would be seen on every stage and in every club
even if his name wasn't on the lineup and heard on every campus and community radio station
including campus stations in Canada.
What's next up on the menu? Mixtape a la' terror mc raw and hold the salads, that's what you get
when Angolan dj and producer DJ CAVERA and a raw unfazed Afrikaans mc {note to
"Afrikaans legends" this was the first project to unite the two cultures and that's a FACT} get
together. What followed was a feeding frenzy, everyone wanted a piece of the terror but it was
avenger camp that got the prize, anyway back to what matters, this would see the mc playing a
very important part in the elevation of the rymklets phenomena as a founding member of the
Afrikaans super crew Rapbels along with partners in rhyme PHOENIX, one half of infuse, and
BRACEN KAYL {then known as...


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