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Tendekasha De Feat is a rising Angolan independent artist based in Australia. As of April 2017, he was preparing to release his eclectic debut effort, an album entitled ‘Inner Tune’ on April 30. Recorded with a small budget in the scope of thirty days, the remarkable record exhibits Tendekasha’s natural talent as a singer, songwriter, and percussionist.

Born Francisco Dos Passos Malheiros Dos Santos in Luanda, Angola, De Feat migrated to Portugal in 1977 at the age of eleven as a war refugee. In his youth, Tendekasha found solace in music, and through his father’s wide music collection, he versed himself in a diverse range of genres. In 1989, he moved to London. During that time, Tendekasha continued expressing himself through his passion for singing and percussion.
For many years, Tendekasha struggled with war trauma from his early years in Angola. His love of music, however, helped him overcome these adversities, and he has always derived great inspiration from Angolan and Jamaican revolutionary and traditional musicians. Their music connected with Tendekasha, as they elegantly explored the strife of contemporary life in their home countries.

‘Inner Tune’ introduces Tendekasha as one of the most compelling and vivid storytellers in the independent music scene. His style of reggae harkens back to the golden era of the genre, evoking Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, and the like. Tendekasha has also completed another collection of songs, ‘Poetic Justice,’ due out March 31.


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