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William Osusa (better known as Tabu Osusa) is the author of Shades of Benga: The Story of Popular Music in Kenya and founding executive director of Ketebul Music. Osusa has been actively involved in the arts and culture sector for more than 35 year and is a recognisable name in the East African music industry as a songwriter, recording artist, band manager, author and documentary film and music producer.

As the executive director of Ketebul Music, he has shaped the careers of musicians and run some of the top recording and performing bands in East Africa such as Les Kinois in the mid-1970s, Orchestra Virunga in the early 1980s and Nairobi City Ensemble in 2000s.

Osusa is a founding member of Equation Musique, a programme initiated in 2008 by the Franch Institute to support and bring together music professionals from the Southern Hemisphere.

He is also the East African representative for Kenya and a member of the consultative committee for Visa for Music, a platform that offers opportunities for artists and professionals in the music industry in Africa and the Middle East to showcase their accomplishments.

In 2006, Osusa was appointed creative producer and consultant for Muziki wa Kenya, a series of concerts supported by Goethe-Institut aimed at showcasing indigenous Kenyan music.

In 2008, Osusa was appointed project coordinator of Retracing Series, a three-part documentary that captures the historical events that helped define East African music.

In 2009, Osusa represented East Africa on the selection panel of the proposed Centre for Black Music during the selection process held in Paris, France. As of 2011, Osusa has been the project coordinator for Singing Wells, a partnership between Ketebul Music and the Abubilla Music Foundation (UK).

In 2014, Osusa and his Ketebul Music team were appointed by the Smithsonian Institute, in conjunction with the Ministry of Sports, Culture and the Arts, to lead and curate the music that was showcased at the Kenyan stand at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival held in Washington, DC.


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Ndagwa Msanga - 'Tamasha la Kumi'
Makunga - Magic Moments
Makunga - 'Muhongwa'
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Karambi Sanaa Group - Entrance
Mchele Mchele Sanaa Group - Walk In Intro 1
Mchele Mchele Sanaa Group - 'Ngoma ya Asilia' Walk In
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Upendo Jazz - 'Majirani'
Baseki - Magic Moment Balimi
Maisha Bora Suba - Magic Moment
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Winyo plays with Nyerere Wa Konde Music Club


Makunga - Nindo
Makunga - 'Masasi'
Makunga - 'Wageni Wetu'
Makunga - 'Muhene'
Makunga - 'Muziki'
Makunga - Magic Moments
Makunga - 'Muhongwa'
Nyati Muchoya - 'Chinulomba'
Nyati Muchoya - 'Muheme Wanuwose'
Nyati Muchoya - 'Muziki'
Ndagwa Msanga - 'Tamasha la Kumi'
Ndagwa Msanga - 'Tamashala Kumi'
Ndagwa Msanga - Live Performance
Ndagwa Msanga - 'Vibibi Viwili'
Ndagwa Msanga - 'Mapambano'
Nyati Muchoya - 'Msunyunho'
Kidedeya - 'Omusingero'
Kidedeya - 'Nchuma'
Kidedeya - Magic Moment
Kidedeya - 'Mrondogomo'
Kidedeya - 'Kidedeya'
Hiari ya Moyo - ' Kauwowa Naye'
Hiari ya Moyo - ' Lyuwa Laloka'
Hiari ya Moyo - ' Muhala Wane'
Hiari ya Moyo - ' Mwanana'
Hiari ya Moyo - 'Ndembele'
Camera Mukungu - 'Changamoto'
Camera Mukungu - ' Mawazo Gakwira'
Camera Mukungu - 'Nkewane Nsanja'
Camera Mukungu - 'Rais Ametamk'
Karambi Sanaa Group - 'Basigazi Fura Emyende'
Karambi Sanaa Group - 'Mwije Tuzane'
Karambi Sanaa Group - 'Ntela Engoma'
Karambi Sanaa Group - 'Wachumba Waiya'
Mchele Mchele Sanaa Group - 'Ali Nilihali'
Karambi Sanaa Group - Entrance
Karambi Sanaa Group - Magic Moment
Mchele Mchele Sanaa Group - 'Batanzania Malima'
Mchele Mchele Sanaa Group - 'Ngoma ya Asilia'
Mchele Mchele Sanaa Group - 'Ngoma ya Asilia' Walk In
Mchele Mchele Sanaa Group - Walk In Intro 2
Mchele Mchele Sanaa Group - Walk In Intro 1
Mchele Mchele Sanaa Group - 'Ntale Atabihyaga'
Mchele Mchele Sanaa Group - Magic Moment
Maisha Bora Suba - 'Thare Mushi Wakono Okwebora'
Maisha Bora Suba - 'Mahene Gayo'
Maisha Bora Suba - 'Mantho'
Maisha Bora Suba - 'Jackie Mosani Wetho'
Maisha Bora Suba - 'Ekethende Kerang'anya Ni Mburungo'
Upendo Jazz - 'Maria'
Upendo Jazz - 'Mazingira'
Maisha Bora Suba - Magic Moment
Upendo Jazz - Magic Moment (Majirani)
Serengeti Group - 'Nyimbo ya Kupendeza'
Upendo Jazz - 'Njaa Aka Omweko'
Serengeti Group - 'Vijana Wafanye Kazi'
Upendo Jazz - 'Majirani'
Serengeti Group - Serengeti Tunaweza + Kwaheri Amukeni Tucheze Tunaenda'
Serengeti Group - 'Tunaupinga Ukeketaji'
Baseki - 'Serengeti'
Beseki - 'Balogi was Ngamboshi'
Baseki - 'Simiyu'
Biluli - Magic Moment
Baseki - Magic Moment Makule
Baseki - 'Balimi'
Baseki - Magic Moment Balimi
Baseki - 'Bahuni ba Ng'wanza'
Baseki - 'Balimi' free movement
Biluli - 'Watoto Wakalime' Teaching the kids
Biluli - 'Kulima'
Biluli - 'Busuma Buno'
Winyo plays with Nyerere Wa Konde Music Club
The Entenga drums and the Akadinda xylopohone
Shitakha & Balozi Band 'Mukhana Malabu'
Shitakha & Balozi Band 'Balina Banje Ndilanga'
Shitakha & Balozi Band 'Isimbi Ilalila'
Shitakha & Balozi Band ft Fadhilee Influencers 'Rosie'
Imachina 'Shiselelo'
Shitakha & Balozi Band 'Mama Mulai'
Imachina Magic Moment
Shitakha & Balozi Band 'Rosie'
Imachina 'Mayo'
Imachina 'Shishebo'
Matende Isikuti 'Shiselelo'
Matende Isikuti 'Shishebo'
Matende Isikuti 'Tsimbavasi Tsya Mama + Lwa Mwikhulu'
Matende Isikuti Magic Moment featuring Kahithe
Matende Isikuti 'Woyo' Multicam Clip
Imachina 'Shirembe'
Matende Isikuti 'Vula Mombo'
Julius Itenya ft Fadhilee - Influences ' Mukangala'
Bungoma Roots Band - 'Nasenya'
Bungoma Roots Band - 'Namusia'
Bungoma Roots Band - 'Nambacha'
Bungoma Roots Band - 'Chapa Llale'
Bungoma Roots Band - 'Alandire Mwitala'
Wilbert Wanyama & Fadhilee - Influences 'Ndirenje'
Wilbert Wanyama Magic Moment 'Ndirenje'
Wilbert Wanyama Magic Moment 'Nisiri Mulamu'
Super Phoenix Band with Julius Itenya 'Shapeless'


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