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The Tabs Ug is a Ugandan music duo comprising Allan Watson Waswa Tabaaro (Violin) and David Tabzy Tayebwa (Guitar).

The group was founded in October, 2016 when Tabaro and Tayebwa met at the Milege Acoustic Project. The duo has performed on different stages such as at Makerere University, National Theatre, Baguma NP and Family Restaurant.

Allan Watson Waswa Tabaaro is a self-taught violinist and a product of the Milege Acoustic Project. He bought his first violin in November 2015. His love for the violin started when he was 14 years old. He studied for a degree in information technology at Makerere University.

David Tayebwa Tayebwa started playing a guitar and keyboard at when he was 15 years old. As of July 2017, he was pursuing a music degree at Makarere University.


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Jingle Bells - The Tabs Ug (Violin & Guitar cover)


The The Tabs Ug - I am a Pirate (Pirates of the Caribbean) theme song rehearsal
The Tabz - Malaika (Violin and Guitar - Uganda instrumental)
The Tabs - Canon in D (Violin and Guitar cover)
The Tabs Ug - The Gael (Last of the Mohicans theme song) rehearsal
The Tabs Ug - Farmer violin cover Live (Ykee Benda & Sheebah)
The Tabs Ug - Leaving on a jet plane violin cover (John Denver) Live at Smokeys
The Tabs Ug - Game of Thrones theme rehearsal - Ugandan
The Tabs Ug - Perfect (Ed Sheeran violin cover live)
The Tabs Ug - Mother how are you today Live (Maywood violin cover)
The Tabs Ug - Allan's Song (Live at Sofar Sounds, Kampala.)
The Tabs Ug - The Harvest (Live at Sofar Sounds, Kampala - Clip)
Jingle Bells - The Tabs Ug (Violin & Guitar cover)


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