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Sydney Salmon is an artist from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia who has been singing and playing reggae music since he was 19 years old. Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Sydney migrated to the U.S. when he was 22 years old. While in the U.S., he studied voice and guitar at the Queens Conservatory of Music in New York. He became a member of the Rastafarian 12 Tribes of Israel movement and thus managing to develop his songwriting skills developed. Shortly afterwards, he became the band's lead singer thereby manifesting his leadership skills. The group made a number of tours and produced hits such as 'Africa Is Our home' and 'I Wonder'.

In September 2000, he released 'Shashemane on My Mind' a single that stirred emotions before his first visit to Shashemane, Ethiopia. All proceeds from the single went to the Shashemane Development Building Project organized by the Prophet Gad. In 2001, he left the U.S. and repatriated to Ethiopia.

Since his formal repatriation, he founded the Imperial Majestic Band and has produced hits such as 'Ethiopia is Calling- Babylon is Falling', 'Selassie Ye nefse Wassie', 'Mamaye', and 'We Love Shashemane'.

In 2005, Sydney Salmon and Imperial Majestic Band performed at the Bob Marley 60th birthday celebrations entitled Africa Unite. They backed also the notable tycoons of reggae music such as Rita Marley, Bob Andy, Marcia Griffiths, the Tamlins, Freddlocks and shared the stage with top African artists such as Angelique Kidro, Yous N Dour, Teddy Afro, and many more.

Since 2008, Sydney has toured many European reggae scenes such as Rototom Sunsplash. He has also toured Italy, Slovenia, Austria, US, the Caribbean islands, Kenya, Tanzania promoting the Shashemane community development projects. He also performed at a festival theme entitled Reggae in the Rift Valley festival-The African Sunsplash festival tour. In 2014, Sydney Salmon & Imperial Majestic Band performed alongside Ethiopia’s most famous Mohamed Ahmed, Kuku Sebsebe and others at the 5th annual Mestawet Acacia Jazz & World Music Festival .

In February 2016, he was working on releasing his next album 'The Ultimate Challenge'.

On 2016 Sydney Salmon & Imperial Majestic Band perform in International Selam Festival and in Ivory Coast at ABI REGGAE Festival alongside Jams Addis /Reggae club and other clubs and venues around Ethiopia.

From May 2016 the band start to play every Saturday at The African Jazz Village inside the Ghion Hotel in Addis Ababa , historical place managed from Ethio/jazz leggend Doc. Mulatu Astatke.

Very soon the African Tour Dates for the 2017


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