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Swaziland Solidarity Network Canada is a site which features a collection of articles and documents which focus on the political, social and economic issues in Swaziland. The site was designed to increase public awareness issues that positively and negatively impact on Swaziland. Not only does the site feature some of the above issues but it accommodates music archives of the Swaziland Kingdom. The archive has a CD titled ‘Traditional Music of Swaziland’. The CD features 16 original recordings that feature some of Swaziland's greatest musicians, musicians whose music would otherwise go unheard and undervalued by many.

The songs on the album were played by some of the greatest traditional Swazi musicians, including Sagila Matse, Elias Matsenjwa and Khokhiwe Mphila, Ndumiso Tsela, Gogo Mavuso, and the group Sigubhu Sebalozi.

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Swaziland Solidarity Network Canada
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