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Swahili Ally aka Digo is a talented singer and kora player from Tanga, Tanzania. He began his music career in 2005 and in 2010, he joined the Lumumba Theatre Group. Digo has participated in several workshops including Music Crossroads, Umoja cultural flying carpet in Mozambique and Sauti Academy in Nairobi, Kenya.

His E.P 'Khadjeze' feautures Kenyan musician Fadhilee Itulya. He has also collaborated with other musicians from across the East African region, South Africa, Uganda, Kenya, Norway, Zimbabwe and Ethiopia.

Swahili Ally fuses his vibrant performance of digo music with the dazzling sound of the kora. He uses the West African instrument to pronounce his digo heritage in a unique style.

Having toured East Africa extensively, Ally hyped up big stages like Sauti za Busara and Jazz Festival in Tanzania, Doa Doa Festival in Uganda, Umoja African Festival in Mozambique and Utamu Festival in Kenya. Digo performed alongside international musicians including artists from Mali, Gambia, South Africa, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Uganda,Mozambique, Norway and the USA.

He is set to to embark on a tour of Kenya and Tanzania to promote his new album MwanaMuranda


Track artwork
Swahili Ally:DIGO
Mwanamuranda A(Accoustic Version)


Swahili Ally - Kizigo live at Coffee House Sessions by Grace Matata
Swahili Ally - Mwanamuranda (Live @ Choices, Nairobi)
Swahili Ally - Malu (Live @ Sounds Of Kili Music Fair 2016)
Swahili Ally (Live @ Poetry Slam Africa, Nairobi)
Swahili Ally - Anita (Live @ Nafasi Art Space)
Swahili Ally - Chiko (Live @ Kendwa Rocks)
Performing at Umoja Festival (Mozambique)
Swahili Ally - Ola (Live in Maputo)


TZDar es Salaam, Tanzania
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