Str8 From Jupiter Entertainment


Str8 From Jupiter Entertainment is a Gambian company that was formed in 2010 as brand promoting hip-hop culture within communities. They hold annual hip-hop rap battle nationally and regionally attract dozen of hip-hop artists.

They present a weekly show The Cypher at Afri-Radio that showcases talented youth from around the world, and provide a positive outlet for youth in communities from disadvantaged backgrounds to display their rap talents.

Straight-From-Jupiter Entertainment has hosted eight free Open Mic events per year with up to five thousand youth attendees per event. They also organized and hosted four free out-door rap battles per year and had two paid in-door rap battle events. In 2012, they formed “The Cypher”- under Str8 from Jupiter Entertainment. The Cypher is a rap and entertainment company that helps to mentor and support young talented socially conscious and responsible artists, particularly those from poor communities, to help them develop and improve their skills.

GMBanjul, Gambia


Str8 From Jupiter Entertainment
Profile added by Bakary Ceesay on 03 May 2016