Stefanie Schumann


Stefanie Schumann is an artist manager and arts professional from Munich, Germany. She is the founder of a music agency called Delicious Tunes.

Stefanie's career began in 2009 when she founded an annual concert series called Music for Goals. Through Music for Goals, Stefanie worked against racism by bringing artists and arts professionals from different nationalities and religion on one platform. In 2012 she began touring Africa and Europe with Delicious Tunes. This saw her booking African artists to perform at about 80 concerts all over Europe in 2017.

Apart from booking artists, her agency also provides services such as artist management and concert production for African artists touring internationally. Stefanie's passion for the arts prompted other organisations to invite her at conferences and meetings where she seats as a mentor and participant. In addition, she also attends round table sessions to speak about the music industry and other related topics.

Her most exciting aspect lies in developing careers of artists through shaping their talent and creativity. Stefanie is also credited for naturing female artists and bands into powerful brands. African music has stolen Stefanie's heart and this inspired her to bring and showcase this beauty to the world.

DEMunich, Germany
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