Stefan Schneider and Sven Kacirek Collection (Kenya National Archives) (KNADS)


Housed at the Kenya National Archives (KNADS), the Stefan Schneider and Sven Kacirek Collection is a collection of music recordings which were recorded by Stefan Schneider in Mukunguni Village, Kenya. Together with his friend Sven Kacirek, Stefan went to Kenya in 2011.

Their one week stay at the Mukunguni Village saw them recording music on the coast which they gathered and released on the ‘Mukunguni’ album. The recordings were done in the Mukunguni Bush at night, it was so dark that they could not see the musicians but rather hear them singing. Their voices were fused with sounds of animals coming from the bushes. The album was released in April 2013 under the Honest Jons label. In June 2013, they received the chance to expand their knowledge of traditional Kenyan music and travelled to Lake Victoria for additional recordings.

In 2011, they found out through many conversations, that Kenya does not have any archives for music or movies. Therefore, the ‘Mukunguni’ album not only turned out to be a great album that can be enjoyed by the entire world, but it was also a small element of cultural memory that kept as an archive.

In the end they were even able to realize trips to Hamburg for two musicians of the Mukunguni Ensemble, Daniel Mburu Muguni and Tungwa Ali. This in turn really intensified the musicians’ collaboration in a completely new way.

The collection can be viewed at KNADS. KNADS is housed in a monumental former banking hall located between Nairobi’s Moi Avenue and Tom Mboya Street. Records, reports, and diaries of the Church Missionary Society (CMS) dating back to the 17th century are among millions of rare and unique publications under the custody of the KNADS. The KNADS leads in the preservation of Kenya’s heritage and history. Inside the facility are three sections: Library/Documentation Services, Archives Administration, and Records Management.

The archives section area protects delicate and historic publications though the conservation and preservation lab. A secure backup system is guaranteed through the repository system and ICT infrastructure (encompassing microfilming and the audiovisual systems). The archives documents are stored in various forms, from mobile shelves, compact discs, to film and tapes.

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Kenya National Archives
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