South African Association for Jazz Education (SAJE)


The founding conference of the South African Association for Jazz Education (SAJE) took place at the University of Witwatersrand in 1992. Subsequently, conferences have been held every two years at universities around South Africa. Sponsorship for conferences has come principally from SAMRO. The mission of the South African Association for Jazz Education is to assure the growth of jazz in South Africa and the development of jazz and jazz education in urban and rural areas.

SAJE's primary aim is to introduce jazz education wherever feasible, especially at secondary level. Members come from all geographic regions of the country and include professional musicians and student members as well as music teachers from community projects, secondary and tertiary institutions. First held in 2009, the SAJE Jazz Festival takes place every second year. The association's international exchanges and networking bring fresh perspectives and methods to music education in South Africa.

ZACape Town, South Africa
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