SodereTube is the news and video portal for is an Ethiopian news and entertainment site. started as a blog on October 2010 by Girum Assefa and became a news and opinion site in January 2011. Sodere has close to 38,000 email subscribers.

Blog posts, article and videos are all moderated and approved by editors. Based on 2014 traffic data SodereTube had 117K monthly unique visitors where 50% of visitors were from the U.S.and an average of 800K page views per month. had 100K monthly unique visitors where 29% visitors were from the U.S. In the same year the site received on average, 325K page views per month.

SodereTube also streams movies legally. Sodere Movies are part of and SodereTube started streaming Ethiopian movies legally in November 2014, in partnership with Selam Production. The copyright of the movies is owned by SodereTube, Selam production, Nahom records and TR production. On this site, you can also watch movies ahead of public release.

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