Driven by a burning passion for all things music, Nairobi-based producer, DJ, and educator Bryan Murgor, better known by his moniker SnSe, is on a mission to transform the Kenyan music industry.

Using the Kenyan cultural landscape as an inspiration for his eclectic brand of dancehall, reggaeton, and genge, SnSe is breaking into the scene with an urgency that has seen him already work with many upcoming as well as established artists and producers.

His music is a mirror reflecting Nairobi’s vibrant music scene, while also casting a net that captures the attention of global music enthusiasts - his music has been played on international radio stations such as NTS Radio and Cashmere Radio.

SnSe’s latest project, No Table Manaz - a collaboration with Dipa Konnection - is a demonstration of his desire to take the rich

cultural fabric of the Kenyan people to the world.

In his role as an educator at the Santuri Electronic Music Academy, SnSe endeavors to impart the extensive knowledge and insights he has gained from his mentors to up-and-coming producers. His objective is to uplift the music landscape in the region, positioning it prominently within the broader global industry.

As a DJ, SnSe has also played in a number of festivals continentally, including Beneath the Baobabs and Boiler Room.


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