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The two guys who make up the group Smokie & Da Benjamins have got the art that is threatening to boot Tempra Omona from the throne as Luo's most wanted contemporary act. This is the kind of song that could to give Gidigidi Majimaji some competition on both the Luo and international scene.

Firing off with 'Mary Rosie', the two have have successfully blended the past and present with a fusion of Ragga and Luo musicality that is stealing hearts of listeners all over. Already establishing itself a radio hit in the Northern region of the country (the region responsible for Gidigidi Majimaji's success in Uganda), it's just a matter of time before they'll take over the airwaves in the rest of the country.

With 'Mary Rosie', we are talking about the kind of keyboards and strings you could only be heard if Tracy Chapman and Chaka Demus and Pliers gave a colabo a thought, but since they haven't, this is the closest you could ever get.

They started out in Northern Uganda - Gulu - under the name 'Soul Squad' doing a blend of Ragga and Hip-hop in Luo. Most of the group members were students at the time so the group wasn't stable. This led to the collapse of the group 'cause they all had to go back to school at the beginning of the term. Smokie and Benjaminz were the lead-singers of the group and decided to come to the City to take their skills to another level.

In Smokie's words 'Mary Rosie marks the return of the Soul Squad'. Other members of the squad were Tripple-B, MC Fire. MC Fire now works with Mega FM in Gulu and Tripple-B just faded 'cause non of them know where he is right now.

MMC was an OB (Old Schoolmate) of Ben in High School and they got to know about him and his Hip-hop production in the news papers. An early school acquaintance turned into probably the tightest studio session that Uganda has seen in the recent past evidenced by the reception the 'Mary Rosie' has received in Northern Uganda so far. MMC is one of East Africa's best upcoming producers and he is helping to birth a new form of contemporary Ugandan music that isn't shy of Hip-hop.

Plans are underway to have the project officially launched and put on circulation on Kampala's FM radios, TV Stations and Clubs. Yes, the video of their debut track i nearing the end of the pipeline and time shall tell the rest of the story.

UGKampala, Uganda
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Smokie& The Benjaminz
Profile added by Stanley Gazemba on 12 Jun 2015
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