Siya Metane (Slikour)


Siya Metane, well-known in the music industry as Slikour, has a heart for music and a head for business.

Slikour was first part of renowned hip hop group Skwatta Kamp,  who released their first album in 2002. The group produced three more albums winning numerous awards for their work, including two SAMA awards for the best rap album and a Channel O best hip hop music video award, until they went their separate ways in 2006.

Metane and a partner started a music agency. “We didn’t know what an agency was meant to do – our knowledge was limited; I had picked up some marketing basics from a Coca-Cola Integrated Marketing Communications programme, but we were passionate, and that made a difference.”

This venture provided a stepping stone for Metane to partner with largescale agency RE now called Openfield Joburg working with Billy Lascaris, son of renowned adman Reg Lascaris, to provide insight into relevant markets. His knowledge and understanding grew and he learned a lot from MD of  Openfield Franco Barocas, which creates and amplifies “emotional experiences to achieve brand objectives” using sponsorship, brand experiences, and CSI.

Metane had a different vision though – and it was digital. He opted to part ways with Openfield and set off on his own, not knowing “who’s going to believe a guy with no qualifications and big talk!” It was a risk; he now had a family to take care of, but he did still have the taxi business to bring in some income.

He immersed himself in the business of building his digital platform for news and videos from the music industry – but struggled with the commercial aspect of his vision. “I knew that content was in hand, but that a commercial strategy was key to the platform.” Metane established SlikourOnLife, a platform for sharing information on urban culture and music, featuring videos and interviews to give substance to the music and to musicians who may not have access to traditional platforms, and offering a more cohesive and accessible place for their videos.

Metane’s passion for music is ever the driver behind his astute and innovative business initiatives, and he thrives in the world that gives brands a voice to tell the bigger story.

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