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Simon Base Kalema can be regarded as a pioneer in the Ugandan music industry way before the most popular names you hear on the scene today.His very first record inspired Jose chameleon way before he could start singing to consider the fact that he could also do it since a fellow Ugandan had successfully managed to record a Ugandan
Simon Base started out his musical career albeit as a fun thing without a long term vision and not as a career back then in 1991 with fellows such as Alex Odida, Hassan Kimbugwe, Peter Sekandi and Tony Ajuna and together they formed the all boy group Perfect Generation while they were still students at Makerere College School.
In 1996 Simon took a break from music and relocated to London where his father had sent him for further studies. When he returned to Uganda in 1998 he was introduced to the VCL (Ebonies producers) management by Radio one’s RS Elvis where I was to start work as part of their graphics team.

In the year 2001 he revived his music career and became part of a Simba FM musical project that put together a couple of artists to release a compilation CD. Through this project he released two songs Singa Teyali gwe (If it wasn’t you) and Kulya cash (popularly known in Ugandan social circles as having a good time).

In 2007, Simon put together a group that comprised of himself, a lady by the name Dativa and a fellow known as Robin and together they went by the name Blaq. They managed to release a song titled Nkwaga for which they also made a video but due to differences they parted and Simon went solo again and released an album.


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Symon Base Kalema
Kakookolo Remix (2011)- by Symon Base Kalema
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Simon Base Kalema
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