Shaula is a female pop-rock singer-songwriter, drummer, arranger. With her unique style which promotes positivity through empowering lyrics, she believes music is not only entertainment but has also healing powers if created in the right way. Started writing her music in her room at the of 12. After an intensive musical training through various music schools (she earned her BA in songwriting at ICMP in London in 2015). She is now a professional musician who creates her unique sounding music with occasional collaborations. She recently released her new song "Mama Yangu" in Zanzibar and Tanzania. The song is part of her musical project called “Mother Of Creation”, which consists of 3 songs, produced with the help of Chilli K, and their official videos, all filmed in Zanzibar.


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Mama Yangu (acoustic version) - Shaula
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I Know I Can (2012 Version) - Shaula Nik
I've Moved On (Drum Cover) - Shaula Nik
Messing Around on Drums


Mama Yangu (acoustic version) - Shaula
Remember The Time (drums only cover) - Michael Jackson
Mama Yangu (Mother's Day) - Shaula
Love In My Soul - Shaula (Official Video)
Fighter! (lyric video) - Shaula (music in 432hz)
glycerine by bush - vocal cover by Shaula (music in 432hz)
Got Love In My Soul (live) - Shaula
Mother Of Creation - Shaula (music in 432hz)
Beautiful Imperfection (live) - Shaula
Mama Yangu (live) - Shaula (music in 432hz)
Got Love (in my soul) live - Shaula
Shaula Live - october 2018 (music in 432hz)
Messing Around on Drums
Fishing For Meaning (acoustic) - Shaula Nik
I've Moved On (Drum Cover) - Shaula Nik
Thru The Fire (on drums) - Shaula Nik
Alive - Shaula
Sul Lungomare Del Mondo - drum cover by Shaula Nik
What's Left Of Us? (2012 Version) - Shaula Nik
I Know I Can (2012 Version) - Shaula Nik
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