Sean Emmanuel


Sean Emmanuel is a gospel artist from Cameroon whose music is fused with rap and hip-hop. He was the first gospel rapper to be nominated on Cameroon GreenLight Awards 2016. Sean has performed and appeared on different national and international TV and radio programs both in cameroon and South Africa. He has been on Rainbow FM show in South Africa, called "Where Have You Been" and on 1Gospel channel and has performed in several places in SA like in Soweto, Joburg Theartre , Braamfontein.

He has also appeared on several national radio and TV stations in cameroon like crtv, stv, BoomTV etc. His first two singles 'Drop Bomb' and 'I'm Stunt' can be found and bought on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music and Sportify Music.

CMDouala, Cameroon
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Dance Again - New Single