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Roven UG: ( Lubanga Frank Roven) he was born on August 2rd , 1996- in jinja, Uganda, his an entrepreneur, a professional in artist development who doubt as an expert in artist marketing, a copyrighter/ editor, label cinematography, art journalist, brand manager, freelance publicist, tour guide, digital music consultant, an A&R at OMAfrica and former A&R at Universal Music Africa.

Roven have been in love with music for his his entire life and caught an interest on the business side.
He describe himself as a perfectionist, ambitious, risk taking Mogul and ancient futurist in making. His also a songwriter and digital farmer .

His passion is helping artists to start, build their leverage, and grow successful, sustainable career and get their coins and not have to rely on a label or any one else ( helping) them build a career on their own terms, build strategy and action plan to achieve their goals with a focus on understanding the psychological profile of their core audience so that they build a sustainable fanbase that will stream music, buy merchandise, attend events etc.

Roven care about artists, he want signed and independent artists to recognize their power and utilize their leverage. If you're passionate about your music and serious about your business, Roven want you to win.

His well known for being a digital music consultant, artist development and music publicist as he have profiled major and upcoming acts in Uganda music industry such as shammy kalule, Victor Ruz for national publication, he also worked with several international Artists such, Jigy Waz, Sherry Boss, Raingad, Mr Drew for international publication

He ventured more into the music business side of things with Roven, where he offers A&R consulting. Public Relations. digital music consulting. Bio writing. marketing strategy. Digital marketing, mentorship. Music video. publishing and distribution . Digital rebranding. Recording. In studio vlog. and music production.

ABOUT ROVEN AS AN AGENCY: it's an artists, creators and label - first full service agency. They on the artists side. Everything they do is based around the artists, their needs and their goals.
All of their services are geared towards " how do they help artists do what they love for a living "
dedicated to helping artists and labels succeed on their own terms, from assisting throughout the entirety of the recording process to creating innovative branding concepts, marketing strategy and public relations campaign.


He believes there's music journalists, publicist, music consultant, but on point he prefer calling him, A music Executive. It makes easier!

Roven UG: established a creative boutique representing group breaking Ugandan, African music talent, not only also to bridge the gap between East Africa and the rest of continent out of his ability to navigate the culture fix and digital music industry, Changing the narrative about the African music....


UGKampala, Uganda
In operation since: 


Kampala Ntinda and Jinja Bugembe
Roven UG