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Rose Muhando (born 1976 in Dumila village, Kilosa District, Morogoro Region, Tanzania) is an East African Swahili gospel artist. She started her music career as a choir teacher in Dodoma's Saint Mary’s Choir for the Chimuli Anglican Church.

In 2005 she was awarded the best composer, best singer and for the best album of the year during the Tanzania Gospel Music Award Concert, 2004. In December 2005 she participated in a Gospel concert to help raise funds for a Dar es Salaam children orphanage. In February 2011 Rose Muhando signed multi album recording deal with Sony Music. Some of her albums include: Mteule Uwe Macho (2004), Kitimutimu (2005) and Jipange Sawasawa (2008).

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Rose Muhando
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