Rooftop Chillas Market


Rooftop Chillas Market is a series of events that will act as a networking hub for creatives in the arts industry, and those that are upcoming.

In these events is entertainment through DJ sets, and artist performances. The “Market” aspect includes the supporting of local creative businesses such as designers/brands, tattoo artists, barbers, etc. All of these business owners have a platform to showcase their work to the people that attend the market and chillas, and this is done during the entertainment, where artists also showcase their work.

In the past, the venue used to be regularly packed with creatives, tourists, and artistic guests, but in recent days, it has turned to a quiet place with little to no traffic. Artists/creative businesses need places to showcase their work, and Rooftop Chillas Market is a space in which people are able to network. Because of Covid-19, artists have had a hunger for performing and have needed platforms, so this event will allow for these artists to also get their brands exposed.

ZAJohannesburg, South Africa
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