Rise'n'Shine is an afro-reggae band with members originating in Tanzania, Germany and Uganda. All musicians have worked already in different genres of music from African Fusion, Gospel, Reggae and Jazz.

Inspired by meeting the two musicians from Uganda, Phillip and CG, at Sauti za Busara Festival 2018, Bahati created a band that combines many years of musical experience and the love for live music.

The energy was just right between the musicians, it was such a positive vibe, that CG and Phillip never hesitated to come all the way from Entebbe to Mwanza. Bibi Fire joined the band soon as the first female drummer. The love to live reggae music made it to play the first concert "Reggae on the Rocks" already in April 2018! That was the starting point to many other international concerts all over east Africa. On international events Christian Mgana joint the band on the keys. The latest member to join us was Mariam the Drummer in 2019. She took over on the drums while Bibi Fire concentrated more on singing. The band was complete now... and ready for much more to come! Nothing could stop us from spreading our message of positive vibes, peace, love, and unity in diversity!

When we hit the stage nobody can stand still! Our music, the rhythm and the lyrics directly flow from the stage to the crowd. We immediately connect to the people wherever we play - no matter which country! Our music is a mixture of own songs and famous covers that make our crowds dance. Our secret it our diversity - everyone in the audience can connect to someone on stage.

The unique perspective in our music makes it that we think of our society we live in and the music industry we are acting in as conscious musicians.
Of course our live performances just make happy because to hype with is just pure fun.
However, we as artists dedicated ourselves to basic ethics of a respectful togetherness in peace, love and unity. Equal rights and justice stands for all - like our lyric of Mama Africa says.
We show social responsibility by singing about environmental pollution, social injustice and psychological challenges of our people.
Our latest relies is called "usiogope" and is a cancer prevention and awareness song - we join hands with the different cancer treatment centers in East Africa to raise awareness.


On Global Climate Action Day 2022 we performed our climate justice song "Our World - Our House'' live for the first time!! Check out our live performance on YouTube:



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