A-rian always loved to sing. Matter of fact he spent holidays listening to music and dancing when with friends, it also bound him to friends and family. He mimed in schools too as part of the FAB-K group. His recent urge to start recording was due to the lack of a certain taste in most music heard everyday.

Due to his exposure to different kinds of music and dance at his former international school UWC-USA his passion for music and dance was set free! For example, people that sing about daily problems with style are very few, matter of fact NAS is one of A-rian's inspirations. Then bow wow, for showing A-rian that one can sing at an early age and still keep off drugs. Lastly JAY-Z for showing that respect, hard work and creativity lead to success! He has already sent copies of these songs to his friends in Germany and France who gave positive feedback on the songs.

The songs are in several languages: Swahili, English, French and Spanish to reach his international fan base. matter of fact, that encouraged him to launch the songs here in Uganda through his bro JAY-T even though they are already playing on school radios, parties and on the internet in the US, France and Germany.

The real deal is music will not distract him from his studies. He is already enrolled for University in the US so he is still rocking books. The idea is to use music for social change by speaking about issues like success, self confidence, and drug resistance among others while taking music in East Africa to a different level. The album THE GIFT & THE CURSE has 8 songs: A-rian, Eternal Love, Euros and Dollars, Dark Knight, Game Plan, East African Union, Street Dreams, and Music and Dance!

UGKampala, Uganda


Arian Records
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