Rhasatsha Wengqiqo


Zusakhe Zide is an award winning Poet/spoken word artist with over 100k views on her Tiktok account, realized her artistic abilities in Umtata in her teen years doing monologues with the WSU theatre production. 

My poetry is inclined on drawing a picture in three dimensions and shining the light on things we know yet hide. 

 I have been on different stages like Lunga's General Jazz Café, The One Room, Rhythm&Poetry, Savoy Theatre, Nceba's Jazz Club, Mendi Arts Centre, Amazwi National Arts Festival and have toured Eastern Cape performing with the Soul Clap Sessions. 

I  have been featured by an international duo Ikati Esengxoweni earlier this year and trusted to deliver life changing content, the most recent feature I worked on was the Ashes to Ashes Poetry Production which we presented at the Women in Arts Manyano Festival and Mandela Bay Arts Festival. I have no songs of my own out yet however I have worked on a song with a Hip-Hop artist called Biggs Xa, the song is "suffering in silence" and is accessible on Spotify and YouTube. 



ZAPort Elizabeth, South Africa
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Zusakhe Zide

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