Radio Waumini


Radio Waumini is a project of the Kenya Episcopal Conference (Catholic Bishops of Kenya) operating under Waumini Communications Limited as a company. The company owns Radio Waumini (registered business name) and National Mirror, a monthly paper that circulates in all Catholic dioceses.

Radio Waumini broadcasts in English and Kiswahili. This is a critical factor in ensuring efficient and compelling communication that is able to effectively influence consumer attitude. Radio Waumini is committed to influencing and impacting the community by striving to promote justice, peace, solidarity, tolerance, reconciliation and understanding among all people through evangelization.

Radio Waumini has been recognized by Kenya Human rights bodies as a station that recognizes the people in the informal settlements (slums) in Nairobi. Radio Waumini has won first and second positions by UNESCO Red Ribbon awards given in Nairobi as the best station with HIV and AIDS programmes. East and Central Bishops’ conference held in Dar-salaam Tanzania also recognized the programming of Radio Waumini in the presentation made by the Managing Director. And in the year 2007, Radio Waumini was nominated by BBC Radio awards in the areas of HIV and AIDS. It got the first position in Eastern Africa and came second in African continental award. This is a sign that the station is trying to keep to its objectives.


KENairobi, Kenya


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