Radio Citizen


This is Kenya’s biggest radio station owing not only to its footprint but the audience it commands. It targets the ‘common man’, who form a greater part of the country’s population. Radio Citizen has the most transmission sites for an FM station in Kenya today, giving it the deepest penetration countrywide. Frequencies include Nairobi – 106.7FM, Nakuru – 100.5FM, Kisumu – 97.6FM, Mombasa – 97.3FM, Nyeri – 104.3FM, Meru – 94.3FM, Chuka – 93.2FM, Eldoret – 90.4FM, Garissa – 95.7FM, Kitui - 89.9FM.

All Kenyans can tune in and enjoy the broadcast. The station format is unpretentious and downright local, thus appealing to the masses. The station offers a rich menu of news, features, talk shows, games and a distinct selection of the finest African tunes. Some of the top ranking shows include 'Jambo Kenya', 'Yaliyotendeka', 'Chapa Kazi', 'Mambo Mseto', 'Drive On', 'Makombora' and 'Roga Roga' amongst several others.

Through various activities, the station has attracted large numbers; this is a great show of loyalty. It is owned by the Royal Media Group.


KENairobi, Kenya


The Reception
Profile added by Stanley Gazemba on 04 Jun 2014