Radio Botswana - RB1


Radio Botswana - RB1 is a government broadcast radio station in Garborone, Botswana that provides news, current affairs, culture, education and entertainment. The culture and entertainment section of RB 1 is responsible for the general programmes and features cultural themes, music and drama to educate and entertain the public about government programmes.

Formerly known as Radio Bechuanaland before the country attained its independence, RB 1 is simply called Radio Botswana by most citizens of Botswana. When Radio Bechuanaland began to transmit in 1965, it was inheriting a one-kilowatt medium wave transmitter from the veterinary department of the out-going colonial government based at Mafeking. The transmitter had been used for communications among veterinary field staff within a 20-mile radius since World War II.

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Radio Botswana - RB1
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