Born on 30 January 1984 in Bucharest, Romania, Tukonjela Haiyambo Ngodji is a Namibian kwaito and rapper. Qonja’s family returned to Namibia in 1990 when the country gained independence. He is best known for his songs ‘54321’ and ‘Koek n Jam’, whichwere recorded by his friend Mappz.

In 2007, the artist released a single titled ‘Owela’, which featured traditional Damara singer Axue. In that same year, Qonja also made an appearance on The Dogg's album, ‘You Can't Ignore’. Qonja, who owns a record label called Lowkey Records, became friends with Gazza and Sunny Boy, which gave Qonja the opportunity to appear on Gazza's album ‘Still The King’ and on Sunny Boy's ‘The Sleeping Giant’. Gazza and Sunny Boy also appeared on Qonja’s second album ‘Mdakadaka’, released in late 2008.

In 2009, the musician appeared on The Dogg's ‘This Is My Time’. He also collaborated with up-coming kwaito artist Black Sheep of G.M.P. Records. The artist also worked with Tate Buti and Jericho on a hip-hop song from Tate Buti’s album ‘Ekiya’. In 2010 he appeared on The Dogg's hit song ‘Wazup Man’. That year he also collaborated with The Dogg on an eight-track album titled ‘Let’s Celebrate’.

ROBucharest, Romania


Tukonjela Haiyambo Ngodji
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