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Music has played a big part in Pieter Albert’s life from childhood. After graduating from high school, he joined the army band for intense music training in performance, reading, writing, composing and understanding music theory. During this time he won a recording deal with Brak Musiek for his first professional recording. In 2008 he left the army band to pursue a solo career as a singer, DJ and entertainer. The following year he recorded an album, ‘Kom Dans Saam My’.

In 2010 Pieter met Mel Botes, who employed him for various world-class productions. This led to the next phase in Pieter Albert’s career, as director of music for theatre productions. In 2014 his song ‘When she Sings’ was play-listed on RSG radio station, with a positive vote of 82%. ‘As Dit Reën’ made it to the number 2 spot on the Golden Vinyl Radio Top 10.


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Pieter Albert Jordaan
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Pieter Albert Jordaan

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