Performing Arts Network of South Africa (PANSA)


PANSA is a national network of individuals, NGOs, service providers and institutions that are engaged in the practice or support of the performing arts in all forms – including dance, music, theatre, opera and musical theatre. In order for the industry to grow, all the forces working towards this growth should be in alignment. As an industry voice, PANSA believes that through positive advocacy it can achieve its vision of a supportive, inclusive, united performing arts industry that is actively engaged in celebrating the industry's achievements and strengthens it through a growing audience.

PANSA’s duties include: providing information and advice to members, maintaining a database of industry practitioners, facilitating network and skills development opportunities, advocating on behalf of the industry for better working conditions and more transparent industry relationships, monitoring and making recommendations on government policy, providing support for research and encouraging a positive attitude in the performing arts industry.

ZACape Town, South Africa


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