Peer Jalowietzki


Peer Jalowietzki (born on 30 June 1969 in Berlin) is a German music promoter and record label executive based in Mombasa, Kenya.

Jalowietzki has been active in the music industry for more than 25 year. In 2019, he launched M 5 Entertainment Ltd and 7star Music & Media Africa Ltd. Both companies are located in Mombasa and in search of songwriters, producers and artists who are interested in an international career.

Jalowietzki's companies offer full-size records-label services with media backing, worldwide distribution services, a music publishing company in collaboration with Sony/ATV (also representing the Sony/ATV catalogue for East Africa), several recording studios, a live entertainment entity in collaboration with one of Europe's leading concert promoters, and a management agency.

Jalowietzki also organises the Music Moves Conference and Festival, which will take place in Mombasa from 22 to 25 January 2020. For more information, visit


M 5 Entertainment & Afrozone Records are looking for the hottest new African artists. We have a firstclass worldwide distribution and licensing network. Send your demos to:

M5 Entertainment & Afrozone Records are looking for the best new artists and productions from the African continent for new signings ! 1st class worldwide distribution/TV-advertisement etc. send your tracks to:

M 5 Recordings & Afrozone Records, two new record labels to be launched at the Music Moves Conference are looking for top productions for the first releases. pls send your master + info to:


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